Does your Metal Supplier Have you Stressed to the MAX?

We’re proud of our proven ability to form partnerships with our customers in order to lower their costs, while ensuring a reliable supply of quality metal products!

What do our Customers Say?


“Maximum Metals is always there when I need them! One day, I was traveling in Europe when I realized one of my US suppliers were running out of a special material we need. I made one call to Maximum Metals, 30 minutes later the raw materials source had been found and secured. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Purchasing Manager

Parker Filtration Group

“Parker has been a customer of Maximum Metals for several years. Both Dawn and Keith Bowers go above and beyond in meeting both delivery needs and sourcing unusual items when needed.  They go the extra mile whenever needed. They have also helped us on big projects and are very unique in thinking outside of the box when needed. Maximum Metals is one of our most dependable suppliers.”

Purchasing Manager

Customers who have placed their trust in Maximum Metals

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